Pesach Sommer
Director - Team Just One Life

Five years ago, Pesach Sommer was about as far from being a runner as one can imagine. He was already 100 pounds overweight, when he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Realizing that his lifestyle had to change, Pesach took up running and joined a charity program. Seven months later, having raised over $10,000 to help sick children, and weighing 75 pounds less, Pesach ran his first half-marathon. He was hooked!

Since then, Pesach has run seven marathons including the New York and Boston Marathons and numerous other races. Additionally, he has raised over $60,000 for various charities through running. Perhaps most importantly, he has inspired many others to get started in running and to live a healthier lifestyle.

Pesach, who has rabbinical ordination, is known by many as "The Running Rabbi". He is incredibly excited to bring his passion for running and helping people to Team Just One Life. He is sure that as you learn more about Just One Life, you will be as inspired as he is to make a difference to the Just One Life families and the people of Israel. He is personally committed to making sure that each member of the team has an incredible time at each of our events, and to helping you every step of the way.

Pesach, who is 41 years young, lives with his wife and seven children in Passaic, New Jersey.

To contact Pesach Sommer, click here or call 973.668.7672.