Where Your Money Goes

Just One Life is proud, that despite the economic difficulties of the last few years, we have not cut our support for mothers in crisis and the programs that assist them. This has only been made possible through the generous support of our donors.

When you support Just One Life you help us:
  • Provide supportive counseling
  • Provide a monthly stipend for those who need it
  • Advocate for our clients to receive all services and entitlements to which they are entitled
  • Make referrals to government and private agencies
  • Provide access to online resources
  • Loan books and toys to our families
  • Make crucial home visits throughout Israel
  • And so much more…
  • Our donors are truly at the heart of our work.

    Your support, in any amount, makes a tremendous difference in our ability to continue to offer these high-quality, high-impact programs.

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